Dr. Brian Alman, Founder / CEO

Dr. Alman is a sought-out expert on stress management and mindfulness, and is the founder of TrueSage International. He has made several appearances on TV such as CNN, ABC News, FOX News to name a few. He teaches live events and workshops around the world.

As a wellness industry mentor, Dr. Alman offers trainings (in-person & online) for doctors, healthcare providers, coaches & other wellness professionals. Many Organizations and companies like APPLE, NFL, QUALCOMM, P&G, Harvard Medical School and many others are using his Strategies.

Dr. Tess Mauricio MD, Advisor

Dr. Tess Mauricio is a Board Certified Dermatologist, fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The University of California San Diego. She is the founder of M Beauty Clinic by Dr Tess in San Diego and Beverly Hills. A Past President of The San Diego Society for Dermatologic Surgery, she is the recipient of the UCSD Warren College Distinguished Alumni Award and Hollywood Daytime Beauty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine.

Dr. Tess is an internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon, regenerative aesthetics and women’s health pioneer, co-author of California Total Beauty with Dr. Brian Alman, renowned speaker, sought after media personality and has educated thousands across the globe. She is the inventor of the Time Machine Procedure™ and along with her husband Dr. James Lee, co-founded Liveli nutritional supplements. She is currently a Dermatologist partner for Proactiv, No7, Your Good Skin and Soap & Glory skin care.

Dr. Albert Ray MD, Advisor

Dr. Ray has been a Family Physician since 1978 with Kaiser Permanente, San Diego. During his tenure at Kaiser Permanente he has held various positions as a leader in preventative health including, Director Emeritus at Positive Choice Wellness Center in San Diego, Medical Director for California Member Relations, Assistant Chief in the Department of Family Medicine, and President of Kaiser Foundation Hospital, San Diego, and Medical Group Board of Directors.

He is a Clinical Professor, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at UCSD. He served as President of the San Diego Academy of Family Physicians, President of the San Diego County Medical Society, and as a Trustee of the California Medical Association. He is Chair of the California Delegation to the American Medical Association and is a member of the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation Board of Directors, Champions for Health. Additionally, As well, he serves as Chief Medical Officer for Relish Rx. Dr. Ray is the author of many articles on Prevention, Health Promotion, Patient Education, Obesity and Tobacco Cessation. He was California Family Physician of the Year in 2002.

Dr. Vincent Felitti MD, Advisor

A renowned physician and researcher, Dr. Vincent J. Felitti is one of the world’s foremost experts on childhood trauma. He is co-principal investigator of the internationally recognized Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, a long-term, in-depth, analysis of over 17,000 adults. Defying conventional belief, this study famously revealed a powerful relationship between our emotional experiences as children and our physical and mental health as adults. In fact, the ACE study shows that humans convert childhood traumatic emotional experiences into organic disease later in life.

Revolutionary at its inception, Felitti’s groundbreaking research remains extremely relevant to today’s healthcare models. Founder of the Department of Preventive Medicine for Kaiser Permanente, Felitti served as the chief of preventive medicine for over 25 years. Under Dr. Felitti’s leadership, his department provided comprehensive medical evaluations to 1.1 million individuals, becoming the largest single-site medical evaluation facility in the western world. During this time, Felitti’s revolutionary health risk abatement programs incorporated weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, and a wide range of cutting-edge efforts to reduce patient risk factors.

Dr. Felitti is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, and a Fellow of The American College of Physicians.  Dr. Felitti has served on advisory committees of the Institute of Medicine, the American Psychiatric Association.

Ray Hecht, Advisor

A licensed clinician with over twenty-five years of distinguished strategic leadership in the healthcare industry, including experience in hospital and practitioner settings, managed care, health insurance, and integrated care delivery systems.

Rick brings TrueSage a unique perspective with operational expertise in Behavioral Health, Employee Wellness and Well Being, and Population Health Management, as well as a proven track record of managing large, high touch, complicated accounts and building strong relationships with consultants, brokers, business and union leaders, trustees, executives, human resources professionals, and other key stakeholders.

Lana Batarseh, COO

Lana Batarseh,  a Doctoral Student at Palo Alto University, studies Clinical Psychology and has an interest in evidence-based mental health treatment delivered through technology. Lana believes that technology based intervention can reach vulnerable target populations and help those who may not have immediate access to mental health services. Lana is motivated to help those struggling with trauma and stressor related disorders which is why TrueSage became a perfect fit for her long-term goals. She believes with the right tools, healing is possible for anyone.

Melissa Valder

Melissa Valder, Copywriter

An experienced content and copywriter with nearly a decade of experience in operations management, Melissa brings a unique perspective and skillset to the TrueSage team. She combines artistry, psychology, and science to bring our mission to life effectively and with compassion.

Melissa is passionate about connecting people with the mental health solutions they need. She believes that a world with less pain and more health, happiness, and expression of individual potential begins with healing the mind. This is why she only works with a select number of clients who make a positive impact on the world with their mental health and mindset optimization solutions.

Andria Schultz, Entrepreneur & Brand Specialist

Andria Schultz has joined Strategic Decisions this past year in her role as Senior Project Director. Her day-to-day responsibilities include interfacing with clients, managing relationships, hiring and assembling teams in accordance with project needs, supervising the development of tools and materials to support consultation, and conferring with consultants to keep projects on task.

In addition to her work at Strategic Decisions, Andria is a brand strategist and consultant for entertainment professionals and organizations. After declaring herself to be the future CEO of Disney (at age 8), Andria committed herself to learning the world of entertainment. She is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a B.A in film production and minor in business and has taught clients how to amplify their personal branding and networking skills. She has worked on the production team for a variety of popular television programs including, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark, etc.

Andria has dedicated herself to helping other young aspiring talent to live their passions in the entertainment industry, in hopes to shift the mindset of youth to broaden their horizons and authentically dream without fear of rejection.


Martin Cooper

Marty Cooper, an American engineer, led the team that built the first mobile cell phone and made the first cell phone call. He is widely regarded as the father of the cellular phone.

Cooper graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (1950). He joined the U.S. Navy and served during the Korean War. After the war, he joined the Teletype Corporation, and in 1954 he began working at Motorola. He earned a master’s in electrical engineering from IIT (1957). At Motorola, Cooper worked on many projects involving wireless communications, such as the first radio-controlled traffic-light system, which he patented in 1960, and the first handheld police radios, which were introduced in 1967. He later served as a vice president and director of research and development for the company.

​Donald Jones

Donald Jones serves as an independent board member for venture capital and private equity backed health companies and on Fortune 1000 Digital Health Advisory Boards. His expertise is in growing and scaling digital heath, digital therapeutics and technology enabled health service companies. He is globally recognized for his digital transformation expertise. Mr. Jones is an invited speaker to audiences globally.

For eleven years, Mr. Jones served as Qualcomm’s Vice President, Wireless Health Global Strategy and Market Development and founded Qualcomm’s digital health subsidiary.  In 2011, working with the XPRIZE Foundation, he conceived the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE for a consumer device capable of making multiple (15) medical diagnosis. In 2005, he founded and was Chairman of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, which merged in July 2016 with HIMSS PCHA, forming the largest global connected health trade, standards, scientific and professional organization.