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Mental Health Programs

True Sage has helped over 35,000 patients address their mental health challenges, working with corporations to help their staff and families lead more full and productive.  

Our enterprise-scale programs have been developed by doctors from the CDC and Kaiser Permanente’s groundbreaking research on mental health conditions. Over the last 27 years, we have created clinically proven therapy packages that have treated tens of thousands of patients.

Our latest offering, delivered via the True Sage app puts the power of customized therapy into the palm of your hand and provides insurers with better and faster options for treatment, and insights into corporate health.  

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Therapy-Quality Mental Health Solutions

Data from a 135,000 person Kaiser Permanente Study demonstrated that ACE-based therapy results in a 35% reduction in outpatient visits and an 11% reduction in ER visits.  Our clinically-validated treatment system was developed by Dr. Brian Alman based on the CDC-Kaiser Permanente ACE study into how childhood abuse, neglect and household challenges affect later-life health and mental and physical well-being 

Mental health experts recognize that anxiety and stress don’t just affect you, it also affects the people around you, your productivity at work, and your general happiness and satisfaction.  We all want less stress, our families want us to have less stress, and our employers want to reduce their team’s stress.  Stress, anxiety, and depression affect our productivity at work and our relationships at home, and it also affects our physical health.

True Sage delivers therapy-quality mental health programs that work with you on the root issues that are causing you stress and anxiety. We use scientifically proven techniques to help address the issues that are affecting you, and we provide you with the coping skills to address the root causes of stress and anxiety. 

Although you can’t control the cards you are dealt in life,  you can control how you accept what happened to you, and how you choose to respond to life during the ups and downs that inevitably come with it.  Our programs help you achieve peace, both for you and the people around you.