Introducing Enlightn™

Dr. Brian Alman has surprised patients and doctors by helping them when nothing had been working. This includes many that were high utilizers and seeing the doctor monthly for years but not improving.

Dr. Alman was our doctor of last resort. He should’ve been our doctor of first resort. He has helped me improve the way I practice medicine and has brought healing not only to patients but to physicians as well.

~ Dr. Al Ray

True Sage Launches Enlightn™ – The Digital Wellness Solution for Employers and Healthcare Providers

True Sage’s app, Enlightn™, is our latest digitized addition to the True Sage wellness system, built on a lifetime of clinical validation. Our program provides a holistic approach to stress management that has assisted executives and employees for years. The app now makes it even more accessible to employers and healthcare providers.


Co-developed by Dr. Felitti and Dr. Alman, Enlightn™ incorporates scientifically-proven treatment solutions based on CDC–Kaiser Permanente groundbreaking research – the most comprehensive assessment and study ever completed for helping people overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.

The name Enlightn™ comes from our support of thousands of people daily to “lighten the mental load” they carry, which can lead to stress, sickness, and disease. The Enlightn™ experience is an ongoing, worthwhile practice that improves every area of life, improving satisfaction levels, productivity, results, and progress in the workplace.

Why Enlightn™

Enlightn™ is the only app to address the root causes of stress, which science has proven to be connected with depression, addiction, chronic illnesses, and premature deaths. It also outperforms other mental healthcare apps, both in value and affordability.

EnlightnTM offers individuals secure, confidential connection to clinically proven techniques to address the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction that are frequently related to unrecognized adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that may include abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, which can have long-term negative effects on an individual’s mental and physical well-being. Through use of mindfulness programs, complemented by expert guidance, EnlightnTM helps individuals turn roots into branches and barriers into bridges, and begin to live a lighter life.

The app provides a variety of assessments, including the ACE Assessment, a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente, the world’s largest non-profit healthcare provider.

The Benefits of Enlightn™

Enlightn™ provides customized therapy and skills within the palm of your hand and a confidential 24-hour connection to a company’s network of coaches and providers.

This provides better and faster treatment and insights for improved corporate health and individual well-being.

Benefits include:

  • On-Demand: 24-hour, 7-day access to personalized treatment techniques
  • Seamless Connection: To your company’s network of coaches and providers
  • Daily Feedback: Regular positive reinforcement and proven healing experiences
  • Tailor-Fit: Based on the user’s experiences, challenges, progress, and personality
  • Advanced Algorithm: For personalized feedback and ongoing recommendations
  • Easy-to-Access Archives: To revisit supportive videos, audio, or written exercises
  • Engaging: Fun, interactive one to five-minute communications to fit any schedule
  • Real-Time Dashboard: Live feedback on company culture and mood

Introducing Enlightn™ 

Seamless connection

Provides seamless connection to your company's network of coaches and providers.

Happiness scales

Happiness scales show the success of™ within your organization.

Engagement Notifications

See how your organization is engaging with™ and what employees are loving.

Dr. Brian Alman’s approach to healing is effective and well-balanced. I recommend it.

~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

The Enlightn™ Technology

Our bio-psycho-social technology provides personalized and holistic solutions to tackle the intricate and interconnected underlying factors influencing health and overall well-being. This technology detects and measures stress on multiple levels for immediate and long-term stress management.

The Enlightn™ technology utilizes:

  • Inner resilience reporting and metrics
  • Individual and company-wide happiness scales and comparison charts
  • Individual and team productivity assessments
  • Well-being and stress assessment questions
  • Engagement notifications to see how your organization is using the app

Enlightn™ and True Sage

True Sage is known for its innovative, personalized approach to stress management. We inspire, motivate, teach, support, and follow up in real-time to reduce stress, increase productivity, and save employers and employees the money otherwise spent on stress-related days off, doctor visits, coping mechanisms, and other temporary symptom-based solutions.

Enlightn™ is the True Sage counterpart that makes our solutions available anytime, anywhere—right in the palm of your hand.