What others say

Dr. Brian is wildly effective at helping people change their behavior for the better. We’re pleased to see huge reductions in cost and a healthier, happier workplace because of his mental health approaches.

– Qualcomm Health

Dr. Brian Alman’s approach to healing is effective and well-balanced. I recommend it.

~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

It feels very good and really makes a difference. I fell encouraged and will continue to work on self acceptance and love.

~ Ali C.

I recently gave a seminar and for the first time that I can remember, I felt very comfortable looking everyone in the eyes, sharing myself.

~ Dave

I am doing well. I am communicating well and many issues have been resolved. I look forward to learning more techniques.

~ Steve F.

I have been doing breath work and the watcher techniques. It helped me so much when my Dad died.

~ Dixie L.

I’ve known about the “unattached observer” and “cultivating the witness” I like Dr. Alman’s take on it, and I am finding I’m able to be “in the movie”. I look forward to working more on this.

~ Barbara C

I am watching the watcher watch the action quite a bit, and at unexpected moments. I find this perspective much more amusing and tranquil than when I am in the middle of all the action.

~ Kathy J.

I cannot express how powerful my sessions are. I am doing very well with my self love & acceptance. I appreciate so much the loving reminders and the nurturing that we are practicing.

~ Irene C.

I appreciate Dr. Alman’s direct and uncomplicated style of interventions. Those made the difference for me compared to the styles of my previous teachers.”

“I’m doing great with self love! I’ve often used the watcher position in my life. I also use this technique a lot with my clients, especially one on one.

~ Lee S.

Dr. Alman’s techniques have had a stunning impact on my inner work for myself and the work with my clients. I offered my clients breathing techniques, the closed eye history, the entrance exit technique and the second watcher position in their movie. They were thankful to gain access to their own inner knowledge, and they improved very much in transforming their guilt and pain for a more satisfying, happy balanced life for the future.

~ Christoph K.

The sunset was brilliant. The water warm and soothing, the sand invigorating, the words hopeful, now it’s up to me.

~ June

It transformed me and my whole life. Seeing Dr. Alman was a gift, it changed my life.

~ Shelle S

The windows are open again. I realize I’m tapping into my inner conscience.

~ Vince Q.

On a scale of one to 5 (1 being helpful 5 excellent) in rating Dr. Alman’s help I would defiantly say 5 in so many ways. I am learning from him even when I’m not in session.

~ Gloria

Self love is something I knew existed at the inner most core of my being from the time I was a little girl. I was sick for a long time. I have learned then to accept that I am not like other people and… that’s ok.

~ Purdy

In working with Dr. Alman I have gained knowledge as how to minimize chronic pain, lessen stress, relax, gain confidence in my own values, trust my unconscious mind and see all the blessings in our lives and dismiss distractions to best study and learn.

~ Cornelia E

I am using the new lessons almost everyday. I am using it more professionally, but also personally. The skills are helpful, I am glad I visited Dr. Alman’s workshop.

~ Dr. Maggie T.

I had such a powerful reaction experiencing Dr. Alman’s training.

~ Dixie L

The techniques I learned this week work! When I woke up I felt completely transformed. Dealing with unfinished business is soooo awesome! I am feeling lighter and lighter. Irene C.

~ Irene C.

I am using the techniques everyday., in my work with clients, but also with friends, family and myself. These techniques are very good boats.

~ Eva

I usually practice techniques early in the morning while I jog, and there I practice varying techniques that are suitable for exercise and I find those useful throughout the day (like the red balloon technique, different breathing exercises, quieting your mind and others.) In the evening I practice getting grounded or the entrance exit techniques when I can lie down or sit quietly. I bought the six steps to freedom package and as you can see without a doubt I don’t regret it one bit. I am in the middle of a divorce and now I am able to stay calm, relaxed, and in the 2nd watcher perspective it has changed my view of the importance of many stressful situations. I have a better view, I sleep better, and it’s amazing what this does to my work and private life. Thank you again for sharing your techniques with us.

~ Erika Z.

I use the breathing technique everyday when I go to bed, and sometimes during the day too. It was great experience to be in the workshop with Dr. Alman, the sound of his voice will always be with me.

~ Gunter O

The breathing techniques in these CD’s really help me control my stress and I’m able to relax in the evening so I can finally get some rest after years of insomnia.

~ R.P. teacher

The committee meeting experience was very powerful for me and I felt uplifted and energized afterward. I really appreciated Dr. Alman’s commitment to helping people and all the work he has put into his profession.

~ Tama D

I have used the committee meeting strategy a number of times since I was taught to use it several years ago. It works really well, and I feel so calm after I give those voices in my head a chance to sound off! I have shared that and the red balloon strategy with my clients and a number of people stopped me to tell me how helpful it was, and how relaxed, calm and free they felt!.

~ Dixi D.

For the first time in my life, I know I have three CDs that show me how to find answers to my biggest problems.

~ H.G. artist