True Sage Program

Clinically Proven Stress Management Solution for Workplace Wellness

The True Sage Enterprise Wellness Program is a clinically proven mental health and stress management solution for the workplace. We provide health and wellness programs for healthcare providers and organizations of every size.

A lot is going on—in the workplace and out. This stress negatively impacts performance, production, and workplace culture, not to mention takes a toll on well-being, overall health, and quality of life. Overstressed employees get burnt out, disengage, take more sick days, and are likely to have problems with others in the workplace.

Our Enterprise Wellness Program supports your team with effective mental health solutions so they can effectively navigate challenges, manage stress, and communicate with others. This creates greater satisfaction in the workplace, a rich company culture, more motivated employees, higher productivity, and better team collaboration skills, which ultimately means greater, long-lasting success for the organization.

Training and Consultations

True Sage offers unique training sessions accessed via Zoom or in person. These training sessions have been clinically and scientifically proven effective in improving a person’s well-being. These sessions are inspiring and educational, equipping participants with the necessary skills to effectively manage and navigate challenging situations.

The training supports personal and professional growth by enabling individuals to acquire new skills that can be applied to their daily lives.

  • Letting Go of Stress: Powerful techniques to help you quickly and easily manage the overwhelming stress in your life.
  • Achieving and Maintaining Weight Loss: Establish a healthier relationship with your body and food for sustainable weight loss that doesn’t feel like work.
  • Wellness: Simple and effective life coaching to help you feel healthier, happier, and more positive every day.
  • ACE Supportive Parenting: Emphasizes building strong relationships between parents and children based on trust, respect, and effective communication.
  • Mind-Body Weight Loss: Weight loss is not just about physical changes but also emotional and psychological changes.
  • The Six Steps to Freedom: For healing ACEs and effective mental health and stress management skills.
  • Your Inner Voice: Cultivate a positive and supportive inner dialogue to support your mental health and well-being
  • Mental Fitness and Inner Victory: Developed in collaboration with an NFL coach, these sessions focus on building mental resilience and achieving inner victory.

Our program has been clinically proven to tackle the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. These root causes are often linked to childhood experiences of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, which lead into adulthood, a lasting negative impact on a person’s sense of mental and physical well-being.

Virtual webinars for employees and management teams enhance communication, collaboration, and learning among team members, regardless of physical location.

Virtual Webinar Topics Include:

  • Time Management: Addressing
  • Procrastination and Disorganization
  • Letting Go of Work-Related Stress: One-Minute Exercises
  • Peak Performance in the Workplace: Optimizing the Mind for Results
  • Sustainable Weight Loss: Losing Weight and Keeping it Off
  • Listening to Your Intuition: Inner Voice at Work
  • Overcoming Addictions by Pursuing Passions
  • Problem/Solution Approach to Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Quick Conflict Resolution and Relationship Management Techniques
  • Focusing on Positive Aspects of Customers, Colleagues, and Self
  • Coping with Holiday Stress

Virtual webinars for teams

Additionally, these programs fail to recognize that many individuals derive benefits from being overweight, particularly for women who experience a reduction in unwarranted and uncomfortable sexual advances that can evoke negative emotional responses from past experiences.

True Sage app, Enlightn™

True Sage stands out with its innovative approach to stress management. Our new app, Enlightn™ uses bio-psycho-social technology to detect and measure stress levels. With clinically-proven personalized techniques, employees receive ongoing feedback and treatment adjustments to accelerate results. Our comprehensive system is designed for both immediate and long-term stress management.

Members have 24/7, on-demand access to personalized techniques, which offer new learning opportunities with every experience, and no repeats. Members can access the archives to revisit their favorites through videos, audio, or written formats. These techniques range from brief 1 to 5-minute interactive, experiential communications.

“As a company, we care immensely about our customers and provide a range of wireless products and services to help them live healthy and independent lives. We feel the same commitment to our employees. It is important to me that we have one of the finest corporate wellness programs in San Diego and Dr. Alman is a big part of this program.”

~ David Inns, CEO of Lively