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Challenges of Corporate Wellness Programs for Employee Engagement

Overstressed employees are at risk of burnout, disengagement, increased sick leave, and conflicts with colleagues. True Sage’s corporate program offers solutions to these issues and helps employees achieve a healthier work-life balance.

In response to the high costs of workplace stress, corporate wellness programs have become increasingly popular over the past decade, aimed at promoting healthy choices among employees. However, these programs tend to focus on weight loss through exercise and diet, which can be challenging to implement and create employee interest, because they do not deal with underlying causality.

True Sage takes a different approach, acknowledging and addressing the emotional and mental health challenges often underlying physical health problems.

Additionally, these programs fail to recognize that many individuals derive benefits from being overweight, particularly for women who experience a reduction in unwarranted and uncomfortable sexual advances that can evoke negative emotional responses from past experiences.

True Sage: The Clinically Proven Stress Management Solution for Workplace Wellness

True Sage offers cost-effective, enterprise mental health solutions—designed for healthcare professionals and organizations—to supplement existing healthcare programs.

By partnering with True Sage, healthcare providers and employers can offer effective mental health solutions that improve overall health and wellness, lower healthcare costs, and increase productivity.

A low-cost alternative to expensive one-on-one therapy, our program has been shown to reduce medical visits. While it is not a substitute for necessary office visits with healthcare providers, the True Sage System motivates patients to improve their health, increase happiness, and reduce stress.

Our program has been clinically proven to tackle the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. These root causes are often linked to childhood experiences of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, which can leave a lasting negative impact on a person’s sense of mental and physical well-being well into adulthood.

True Sage has been working for over three decades in assisting over 35,000 patients directly and indirectly through healthcare providers and employers. The True Sage system is based on CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study findings and endorsed by Dr. Vincent Felitti, the Co-Principal Investigator of the study. In addition, True Sage has been clinically evaluated in three studies, with preliminary data suggesting a significant reduction in healthcare services and improved mental health outcomes.

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The True Sage Program

The True Sage Enterprise Wellness Program is a clinically proven stress management solution for the workplace, providing health and wellness programs for healthcare providers and organizations.

There’s a lot going on—in the workplace and out. This stress negatively impacts performance, production, and workplace culture, not to mention takes a toll on wellbeing, overall health, and quality of life. Overstressed employees get burnt out, disengage, take more sick days, and are likely to have problems with others in the workplace.

True Sage’s app, Enlightn™, is our digitized addition to the True Sage enterprise wellness program, built on a lifetime of clinical validation. Our program provides a holistic approach to stress management that has assisted executives and employees for years, and the app makes it even more accessible to employers and healthcare providers.

Members have 24/7, on-demand access to personalized techniques, which offer new learning opportunities with every experience, and no repeats. Members can access the archives to revisit their favorites through videos, audio, or written formats. These techniques range from brief 1 to 5-minute interactive, experiential communications.

True Sage app, Enlightn™

Our program has been clinically proven to tackle the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. These root causes are often linked to childhood experiences of abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction, which lead into adulthood, a lasting negative impact on a person’s sense of mental and physical well-being.

About Dr. Brian Alman

Dr. Brian Alman is the CEO & Founder of True Sage. A passionate facilitator with a Ph.D. in psychology, and author of 14 books, he is one of the world’s leading authorities in wellness and personal growth. Using knowledge of the conscious, subconscious, and Unconscious, he has significantly contributed to psychology, medicine, education, clinical research, wellness, parenting, business, and sports.

He was nicknamed “The Doctor of Last Resort” at Kaiser Permanente — the world’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider. By discovering and facilitating the unconscious, inner potential of each person, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people and contributed to making the world a better place. With his inventions, books, training workshops, one-on-one mobile technologies, and online programs, Dr. Alman is now helping people help themselves more than ever before in the fields of weight loss, stress reduction, healing, and healthcare.

“As a company, we care immensely about our customers and provide a range of wireless products and services to help them live healthy and independent lives. We feel the same commitment to our employees. It is important to me that we have one of the finest corporate wellness programs in San Diego and Dr. Alman is a big part of this program.”

~ David Inns, CEO of Lively

True Sage advisors

Vincent Felitti, M.D.

Clinical Advisor
Principle Investigator
CDC/Kaiser ACE Study

Donald Jones

Business Advisor
Chief Digital Officer STRI
Cardiff Ocean Group, LLC

Marty Cooper

Business Advisor
Mobile Phone Inventor

Phil Baker

Technology Advisor
Product Development 

Arlene Harris
Business Advisor Telecommunications Entrepreneur Founder, GreatCall

Salima Ruffin

Business Advisor
CEO of Creations World

Rick Hecht

Clinical Advisor
Kaiser Permanente